8 Fashion Trends For Fall/winter 2021

We took stock of the autumn and winter fashion trends during the 2021 epidemic.

How to wear the most fashionable in autumn? First of all, please be prepared for the return of craftsmanship. In addition to a large number of knitting and the revival of antique lace by a new generation of designers. And the four major fashion weeks have rekindled enthusiasm for tassels. (Yes, we also pushed a lot of tassel-related content on Instagram).

But this fashion trends does not mean you have to wear more eye-catching. At New York Fashion Week, single-breasted slim tailoring is reviving. This proving that being stylish does not mean standing out from the crowd, but restrained details are more powerful. The February show reminded people of the freedom. You can bring-you can bare a large area of skin, confidently control the sexy once defined by male eyes, or wrap yourself delicately with a veil and a huge silhouette.

There is everything you want to know about the hottest fashion trends of this fall.

Trend 1: Masks


Yeezy,Maison Margiela,Marine Serre,Comme des Garçons


When the designers of Maison Margiela, Yeezy and Marine Serre set out to design the 2021 autumn and winter collections, they may not have anticipated the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, but the facts have gradually proved that the cover-up jackets, knitwear and headwear on the catwalk perfectly fit our barriers. No matter how short the time is. What are the rules for fashion in 2021 autumn and winter? In addition to wearing the new design, remember to wear a face mask.

Trend 2: Tassels


Bottega Veneta,Prada,Jil Sander,Dior,Alberta Ferretti,Area


The show is full of tassels-from evening dresses to suit jackets, from slim pencil skirts, knitted cloaks to textured clutches, in stark contrast with the home clothes that many people wear for a spring. During the fashion month, the number of designers making fuss on tassels has increased exponentially, and the message is clear: to promote the beauty of dynamics (especially dance, even if you dance in the living room) is still the highlight of the 2021 autumn and winter fashion.

Trend 3: Wearing underwear outside


Saint Laurent,Victoria Beckham,Burberry,Christopher Kane


Kendall Jenner has rarely appeared on the show, but in order to support her friend Riccardo Tisci, she boarded Burberry’s 2021 autumn and winter show. Her way of dressing is both fashionable and suitable to try at home.

The charm of Wearing underwear outside is vividly interpreted by this supermodel (Jenner is wearing a checkered steel wire tights with a white pencil skirt that highlights the curve), reflecting the trend of wearing exquisite “underwear” as ready-to-wear clothing this year. At Fashion East in another London, cutting-edge couturier Nensi Dojaka reinterpreted the slim-fit corset with few chances of appearance. At the Paris show, Anthony Vaccarello used vinyl leggings with a complex lace camisole, and added a little Helmut Newton-style heterochromatic style.

Trend 4: Super profile

The top designers use exaggerated proportions of clothes to show the charm of craftsmanship and the appeal of colors. This is undoubtedly cheering for the disadvantaged women. What are the benefits of a large silhouette? Puff sleeves can remind strangers without losing the opportunity to maintain a safe social distance.

Trend 5: knitted dresses


Jil Sander,Agnona,Bottega Veneta,Balmain,Altuzarra,Alexander McQueen


Phoebe Philo’s Céline series and Didion’s own brand advertisement in 2015 all reflect Joan Didion’s huge influence on fashion. The 2021 autumn and winter show once again set their sights on one of the famous American writer’s popular outfits-ankle-length knitted dress. Agnona, Bottega Veneta and Jil Sander’s luxurious knit dresses with rich texture pay tribute to the photos taken by photographer Julian Wasser for Didion in 1968, who leaned against Corvette Stingray against her home in Hollywood in the background. For you who care about comfort, you can wear it like this when working at home in winter.

Trend 6: hollow design


Khaite,Off-White, Dion Lee, Proenza Schouler, A.W.A.K.E mode


Although the hollow design is not technically a new trend, it has made a comeback after the upgraded interpretation of Khaite, Proenza Schouler and Dion Lee in the 2021 autumn and winter show. We recommend cut-out cuts, which can add interest to plain shapes.

Trend 7: shirts and ties


Prada,Dior,Chanel,Toga,Dolce & Gabbana


Paris Fashion Week has been expressing its fascination with neutral new business shirts and ties for a whole month. Prada tells us that you can’t go wrong with a tie with a neat suit skirt or casual sweater. Under the neon sign of Dior, the audience saw the perfect incarnation of this trend. Will millennials buy it this fall and wear high-end shirts to work from home? We will wait and see.

Trend 8: Full-body leather


Mugler,Hermès,Balenciaga,Erdem,Petar Petrov


If you’ve ever bought an oversized leather jacket, don’t worry, the 2021 autumn and winter show once again confirmed that this enduring single product is still a holy product. By matching all the leather items you have on hand, you can maximize their advantage.

In conclusion, i hope you like fashion trends in 2021.

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